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    Who we are

Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic is a full-service orthodontic and pediatric practice, providing state of the art pediatric and orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages in a comfortable, stimulating, educational and patient-friendly environment.

We provide the most up-to-date treatment techniques available, and can help all age groups, providing children with early diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion, and adults with the smiles they have always wanted!

Meet our Doctor

Yeong-charng Yen, B.D.S., M.D.S.

Dr. Yen is a National Taipei Veterans General Hospital trained pediatric dentist and also is an American Board of Orthodontics certified Orthodontist. Dr. Yen founded Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic in 1988 with a mission to create a dental practice entirely different from those he experienced while growing up: to “treat people right”, with sensitivity and respect for their concerns and fears, and the ongoing use of the most “cutting edge” technologies and methods to achieve lifelong dental health. His combined specialties and understanding of child growth and development allow him to provide comprehensive dental and orthodontic care.

“Getting children to feel comfortable and at the dentist at an early age can make all the difference. These initial encounters set the stage for their future dental health attitude.” says Dr. Yen, “I am devoted to taking the scare element out of dental care for kids.” Everything we do here is designed to make it as easy as possible for the patient, including extremely flexible scheduling to accommodate today’s time-challenged lives.

Dr. Yen believes that proper orthodontic treatment can have a powerful effect on peoples’ lives.

“Providing patients with a good comfortable bite, a great smile, and a great general appearance goes a long way toward building self-esteem,” says Dr. Yen, “and that can have a major influence on attitudes and achievement levels. It’s also a great transition into a lifelong commitment to dental health.”

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In case you were interested
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