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We are helpful

friendly, and confident in our services. We strive for excellence!

We react quickly

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It is our pleasure to serve you, our patient.

We have a

positive attitude and we are all proud of our office.

All staff

members are knowledgeable in orthodontics,if we can not answer your questions, we will find someone who can.

We are happy to

answer questions you may have,even over the phone.
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We know that choosing an orthodontist is a very personal decision, and there are many orthodontic offices and treatment options available to you. Here are just a few details about us that describe why our office may be a perfect fit for you:

Excellence in Orthodontics.

We provide our patients with the highest quality orthodontic care available in a friendly, yet professional environment. Getting to know you and meeting your individual needs are our foremost concerns. Dr. Yen is a board certified orthodontist with more than 20 years of orthodontic experience. You can always count on his personalized attention at each visit.

Our Orthodontic Team.

Our administrative staff and clinical assistants are long-term employees. We know our patients by name and cater to their personal needs.

Cutting Edge Technology.

Our office is technologically advanced in the field of orthodontics. We offer digital photographs and x-rays at your new patient exam. Also, at Dr. Yen’s office, we use the patented 3M Smartclip Self-ligating System, which is the most advanced bracket system available in orthodontics. It promotes bio-compatible movement which leads to far more comfortable and effective treatment.

We Utilize the 3M System

The 3M System is a new and exciting treatment modality in orthodontics. It is more than just a different type of bracket. In the past, orthodontists would use extremely heavy forces to move teeth. The 3M System utilizes light forces and the lowest friction of any bracket system on the market to move teeth faster and more gently than ever before. The results are absolutely outstanding.

Meticulous Sterilization.

Our patients can be assured that we follow all of the OSHA guidelines for sterilization techniques

Flexible Financial Arrangements.

As a courtesy to you and your family, we offer a variety of flexible in-office financing including monthly payment plans that is interest free, as well as one third down payment options. We will also coordinate any dental insurance benefits to you.

Pre-Orthodontic Guidance Program (POG!).

We do everything we can to make your child’s experience comfortable and fun. If your child isn’t quite ready to start orthodontics, they will be placed into our POG Program. We will continue to see them every six months to monitor their growth and eruption until they are ready to get started with their braces. During this time, we encourage your child to participate in all the fun activities and contests that come along with being a member of the Clinic Crew!

Superior Customer Service.

Orthodontic treatment is a long-term process. Knowing this, we strive to make your orthodontic treatment in our office a positive experience. We believe that the “customer always comes first!” Getting to know you and meeting your individual orthodontic needs are our foremost concerns.

We are always available

We understand that you and your family have busy schedules, so we offer a variety of appointment options. You can visit us in the afternoon, after school, early evening and in the night time until 21:30PM. We also have an all-hours emergency line for urgent care needs.

Doctor-driven care

To deliver the highest level of orthodontic care, your doctor will personally evaluate your progress at each scheduled active treatment appointment and adjust your treatment accordingly.

Thanks for your visiting!

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