Welcome to Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic, one of the most comprehensive orthodontic practices in Taipei, Taiwan for children, adolescent and adults since 1988. We also offer innovative digital orthodontic solutions like InCognito Appliance, Invisalign and clear braces for adolescent and adults. Our orthodontist have been respected and trusted by thousands of children and their parents through Taipei, Taoyuan, Shin-chu and the surrounding communities for 28 years. We strive to create long lasting relationship with our patients and their families and develop the trust of our pediatric and orthodontic patients through gentleness and kindness.
Pediatric Dentistry Services:
Our gentle, skilled and dedicated staff is committed to providing a fun, positive dental experience for your child. Our doctor is expertly trained in the care of all children, especially those with special needs. Some of the pediatric dental services we offer include:
  • Regular check-ups and cleanings
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Tooth eruption, dental arch development and craniofacial growth & development guidance
  • Special attention for children with special needs
Orthodontic Services:
A beautiful, healthy smile can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. We offer state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments to provide you or your child with straight teeth, a healthy bite and the balanced & harmony facial pattern. We offer the following orthodontic treatments:
  • Traditional orthodontic treatment
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating orthodontic appliance
  • Lingual and Digital Orthodontic Service: InCognito lingual orthodontic appliance
  • Clear and Digital Orthodontic Service: Invisalign appliance
  • Functional orthodontic appliance: modify the Growth and Development of the dentition and dental arches of the children
  • Interceptive orthodontic treatment: eliminate the effects of unfavorable oral habits
  • Serial extraction orthodontic therapy for the children
  • Rapid tooth movement orthodontic treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment for the patients with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)
  • Orthognathic Surgery & Orthodontic Treatment for correcting the jaw deformities; which is in combination with oral surgeons and/or plastic surgeons from:
    1. Taipei Medical University Teaching Hospital
    2. Taipei Veterans General Hospital
    3. Tri Service General Hospital, Nei-hu,Taipei
    4. Chang-gung Memorial Hospital
  • Bleaching of the dentition after orthodontic treatment
  • Interdisciplinary treatment for patients who suffered from multiple problems of the dentition and the jaws. This type of therapy is that the orthodontist will treat the patients in combination with Periodontist, Endodontist, Prosthodontist, oral surgeon and/or plastic surgeon to achieve a better dental results for the patient’s well beings and health.
Our standard of Care
Our practice is more than a comprehensive orthodontic & pediatric experience. Our patients have fun here! From a child coming in for a regular checkup to a patient or parent who decides to receive their own orthodontic treatment, our doctor and staff are committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic & pediatric dental care for your family.
At Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic, finding new ways to provide excellent orthodontic and pediatric dental care is our top priority. We invite you to contact us for more information or to schedule your child’s first visit and first step toward a lifetime of healthy smiles!
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