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    First Orthodontic Visit

First Orthodontic Visit

Your First Visit with Our Orthodontist

At Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic, we are always excited about the opportunity to meet new patients and see our office can help them achieve the smile of their dreams. From the first day you enter our orthodontic office, you will be treated with personalized care and attention in a professional and safe environment. From traditional metal braces, ceramic brackets, InCognito lingual appliance to Invisalign clear aligner, our practice offers comprehensive care that is designed into your personal lifestyle.

During this important visit, you will be acquainted with our office and staff. The visit will consist of an examination and a determination of whether or not this is the right time to begin treatment. If our orthodontist do recommend treatment at this time, we will gather the necessary diagnostic records, which consist of:
Take impressions of teeth to make plaster study models
Photographs of face and teeth
Craniofacial and dental x-rays
Wrist x-ray film
Bite registration and mounting models on articulator

For some special situations, some further clinical procedures will be needed:
TMJ Axis-path graph taken
TMJ Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) Image
Split cast verification of occlusal stability
K7 EMG examination.

After we evaluate your records, we will provide a complete clinical diagnosis of the orthodontic problem, a written summary of the findings and a detailed plan that outlines our recommended treatment, goals and estimated fees. We also encourage you to ask any questions that you might have about the treatment plan, length of treatment or the costs during this time. We will provide the time to answer any questions that you might have at any appointment throughout your treatment as well.


We ask that you spend some time to fill out our Orthodontic Registration Form firstly in the front desk before come to the dental chair.

Whether you are interested in orthodontic treatment for yourself as an adult or for your child, at Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic we offer quality care for the whole family that you can trust. We serve the families of Tien-Mou area as well as the surrounding towns of metropolitan Taipei area. Please contact our office today for more information on the treatments that we offer or to schedule your first orthodontic visit!

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