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    Fixed Functional Appliance

Fixed Functional Appliance

The Orthodontist use the idea of keeping the mandible forward continuously and eliminating the need for patient compliance, as is required with removable functional appliances, appealed to our patients. The fixed functional appliance is especially effective and good for those patients with severe mandibular deficiency problems.

Please see the pictures in the following case:

This patient suffered from irregularities and deep bite of front teeth.
The fixed functional appliance (Forsus Appliance) was installed between
upper and lower dentition to correct the deep bite.
The problems of dental deep bite and the recessive mandibular dentition
were solved after wearing of the functional fixed appliance.
The dentitions of upper and lower jaws are well aligned.

For those patient who could not wear the removable functional appliance well enough as suggested by our orthodontist, then the fixed functional appliance (such as Forsus appliance) will be a good choice.

Please visit Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic for further information!

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