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    Autotransplantation of the tooth

Autotransplantation of the tooth

Tooth avulsion (exarticulation) implies total displacement of the tooth out of its socket. In both the primary and permanent dentitions, the maxillary central incisors are the most frequently avulsed teeth, while the lower jaw is seldom affected.

If unfortunately, the avulsion of the anterior incisor happened,

Immediate replantation by the patient should be encouraged if without contamination. Otherwise the tooth should be stored in saline, saliva or milk.
If obviously contaminated, cleanse the root surface and the apical foramen with a stream saline (from a syringe). No attempt should be made to sterilize the root surface. Then the tooth should be stored in saline, saliva or milk.

Visit any dental clinic nearby and to have further dental emergency management.

The re-implanted permanent anterior incisor will have the possibility of root resorption (ankyloses). The orthodontic treatment of this kind case will be very difficult. To overcome such kind difficulties, the autotransplantation of the permanent premolars to the central incisors should be considered (Use patient’s own premolars to replace his/her own central incisors).

Please see the following slides:

Both two central incisors were re-implanted for 6 years since the sport
injuries happened and we can see the apical root resorption happened
over roots on both incisors.
Two premolars were autotransplanted into the two central incisor positions
and now the patient can have orthodontic treatment,
The roots of autotransplanted premoalrs were well maintained and
induced new alveolar bone growth.
The frontal & lateral views of the dentition after finishing of orthodontic treatment.
The occlusal views of upper and lower dentition after orthodontic treatment
The lateral views of the right and left occlusal conditions

The veneer restorations of upper two central incisors should be waited until the age of 20 years old.

Please visit Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic for further information.

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