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    Accelerated Tooth Movement

Accelerated Tooth Movement

Some patients could not accept the 2 to two and half years regular orthodontic treatment because of other factors, such as studying abroad, jobs application in other countries…….etc. The accelerated tooth movement could be a good consideration in such kind of situation.

The philosophy of the accelerated tooth movement was proposed by Dr. LC Bryan in 1892 and Dr. Cummingham in 1893. Then Dr. Heinrich Kole modified the process and introduced the alveolar corticotomy method to treat the malocclusion patients in 1959.

Dr. Wilcko proposed the bone graft idea & alveolar osteotomy/ostectomy in the same patient at the same operation time into the philosophy of accelerated tooth movement in the USA in 2001. Then the accelerated tooth orthodontic movement is popular now in the USA.

The combined osteotomy/ostectomy, bone graft, and clinical orthodontic treatment make the orthodontic treatment time from traditional 2 - 2.5 years shortened to 10 to 12 months. However, please be noted that the interval between the appointments will be also shortened to 2 weeks from the original/traditional 3 weeks. Besides that, there are 10% to 15% patients still could not be finished the orthodontic treatment within 10-12 months by this kind of treatment and the reason still not yet known.

2010-August-28, before the bone graft & osteotomy
2010-September-10, one week after grafting and osteotomy
2011-August-10, Final result of frontal and upper occlusal dentition after
twelve months of orthodontic treatment.

Propel orthodontics was introduced/developed in USA in 2012 with the idea of less invasive surgical procedures for the patient. Patient feels much better tolerance for such kind of accelerated tooth treatment in clinical orthodontic procedure.

Propel drilling instrument is used to make small drilling holes over the dentoalveolar mucosa and bone for the purpose of rapid tooth movement

drilling with the Propel device dentoalveolar mucosa after drilling

Traditional orthodontic treatment in combination with Propel device will enhance the regular orthodontic treatment and to finish faster.

Please visit Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic for further information.

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