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    Orthodontic Hygiene Program

Orthodontic Hygiene Program

Orthodontics in Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic

At Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic we are committed to providing patients in Taipei Metropolitan Area and the surrounding communities with personalized, effective orthodontic treatment in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our skilled doctor and staff believe in creating a strong foundation for beautiful smiles by teaching kids and patients about good oral health at an early age and/or stage of treatment. Read more to learn about our unique S.W.A.T program and our dedication to proper oral health while in orthodontic treatment.

S.W.A.T. Straight White Attractive Teeth

One of the key ingredients in the recipe for a beautiful smile with braces is excellent oral hygiene. Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic is committed to providing you with proper oral hygiene instructions, motivational tools to help you succeed and a “Score Your Smile” system to keep you on track throughout treatment.

In order to maintain the pace of your treatment and have a beautiful smile when the braces come off, you need to be sure that you brush and floss your teeth, gums and braces very well. The day you get your braces on, our team will go over the importance of how to brush and floss, what foods to avoid and what to expect with braces.

In addition, you will receive the S.W.A.T. (Straight White Attractive Teeth) Tool-Kit, which includes:

Waterpik Electric Toothbrush
Prescription fluoride paste
Orthodontic flossing aids

You will need to:

Use these products as recommended everyday
Floss before brush-at least once a day
Make wise food choices and avoid actions that could damage my braces, such as biting into hard foods and eating foods high in sugar
Score your smile at each visit to see how you are doing. This information will be recorded on a score card

With S.W.A.T. teamwork you will be on your way to clean, healthy teeth and gums and that perfect smile.

Contact our Pittsburgh Orthodontic Office

At Pittsburgh Orthodontic Clinic, we believe in maintaining open communication with our patients. If you have any questions about the orthodontic health program or any of our other treatments like braces, InCognito Appliance or Invisalign, please don’t hesitate to contact our orthodontic office. Our friendly staff is happy to help answer any questions or help you schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing you!

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